Can I buy these as gifts?

Yes absolutely, these make fantastic gifts


Why are they giving away so much labour?

By making these services labour free you are having the opportunity to try out a new mechanic.

The store is hoping that they impress you so much with their services and attitude that you stay on with them as a regular customer.


Can I buy these online?

Yes, Absolutely! Go to Current Promotions and choose your area.


How do I book in?

Ring the number at the top of your voucher to make a booking


Do I use the whole card at once?

You can choose up to 3 services listed per visit.


Can I pick up a voucher from the workshop?

The stores don’t sell these vouchers over the counter they have to be purchased through Mechanical Promotions.


Can I bring my own oil or parts?

All parts and oils need to be purchased at the store.


Won’t they charge me more for oil if I buy it from them?

No all parts and oils sell at standard retail cost.


How long is the voucher valid for?

12 months from when you first use the voucher.


What if I lose my voucher?

There is a $10 replacement cost if you lost the voucher.



Can I use this voucher on both of our cars?

It is one voucher per vehicle

What is included in Bridgestone's premium and comprehensive services?


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