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Our business is to bring you the best deals from all around New Zealand for your mechanical needs. 

Why pay through the roof for labour charges when you can get amazing deals through us. We have mechanical deals from multiple well-known companies throughout New Zealand.
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Mechanical Promotions is New Zealand’s leading car service deal site. 


Mechanical Promotions was established to specialise in promoting mechanical workshops throughout New Zealand.

Our car servicing deals are a very effective form of promotion that has been very successful in attracting new customers to a range of independent & major brand name car service centres across the country:

We are the market leaders providing great value Car Service Deals direct to the consumer.

Our aim is to introduce local customers with the best local mechanic's New Zealand wide. 

We feel the best way to do that is by delivering fantastic service coupled with genuine savings.

Our mechanics give away their time (labour) to effectively earn a new customer's trust.

Our mechanics smother new customers with amazing service & genuine savings!!

The relationship is further developed throughout the deal period as a customer returns for other services.


The outcome truly is win / win


The mechanic wins a fantastic local & loyal customer that will return to his business.

In most cases we find the customer will use word of mouth to family & friends to also benefit from the genuine savings & great service.

The customer wins by achieving genuine savings and by finding a trustworthy professional local mechanic they can rely on long term.


Everyone loves a great deal!


At Mechanical Promotions we believe everyone deserves a great deal.

Our business model has been carefully designed to give both the workshop owner as well as all of our happy customers the best service & savings money can buy!

Our voucher is the perfect way to introduce a new customer to a business.

The customer is getting a fantastic deal by saving on normal labour charges.

At the same time our mechanics are meeting new customers that are happy & excited to be in their workshop.

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